I know most of you read Mike's blog, but since these were published on a Friday afternoon, wanted to be sure you didn't miss it.

David shared a post here last week from Andrew over at Local SEO Guide suggesting directories got hit by the doorway algo and their visibility was reduced in the SERPS.

Did Local Directories Get Hit By Google’s Doorway Page Algo?

Now Mike is saying that it looks like that change (or some other) to result in an increase in local packs.

More Google Pack Results | Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Late last week Dr. Pete of Moz alerted me to a dramatic uptick in the Moz Cast count for local results. I have been following them since and they seem to clearly mirror what Phil had noted and the observations in real estate searches.

In fact they show a jump in the number of Local Packs being returned from 10% of all searches to now being shown in 12%, an increase of 20%.
But then also in the "Racial Slur" + Pigeon Algo change thread Phil said:

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The local results have gone crazy lately. Tons of 2-packs and 3-packs. You don't see truly local results unless you include a geomodifier.

Tweeted about this a couple nights ago:


And they're noticing it across the pond, too:


Either this is one gnarly bug, or an algorithm update.
So just seems like everything is being shaken up a bit.

Also see Mike's post about Real Estate results:

Local Real Estate Results are Back in Google Search

I'm just making some time to investigate now and am seeing some ranking shakeups in the packs I watch.

What are you seeing? Any other changes???