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    Local On-Demand Economy Matching Buyer to Seller More Quickly

    I'm loving this trend and look forward to digging in.

    Local On-Demand Economy: Flipping Local Search as We Know It

    One of the many attributes of the local on-demand economy (LODE), is it’s potential to flip local advertising models we’ve known for more than a century. It will do this in some cases by replacing marketing with a commerce engine; or as we’re calling it, the “logistical last-mile” to the consumer.

    This all results from a more direct linking of buyer and seller — and the systems in place to achieve that marketplace transparency in a more compressed way. With Uber for example, instead of searching, viewing listings, reviews, calling… you simply press a button and a car shows up.

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    Re: Local On-Demand Economy Matching Buyer to Seller More Quickly

    Thanks Justin!

    Looks interesting can't wait to read. Will share soon. Working on a story I need to finish.
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