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    Correcting a Listing on Dex?

    I need to correct a listing with Dex. They just got back to me and said they use infogroup to do their listings.

    I go to their website: and they want me to sign up for their service.

    Is there anyway to correct this important citation without signing up with them?

    Would appreciate any input

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    Re: Correcting a Listing on Dex?

    Hey Mike,

    You have to sign up for an account to verify the listing. Its free. I think they push through changes once a month, but be sure to go back and check. Express update can revert back sometimes. Also, if you go to verify the listing, make sure its not a number that is being diverted to another number. The verification will fail. Process should take a few minutes. Hope that helps.


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    Re: Correcting a Listing on Dex?

    Great info Justin!

    Mike, the only time Expressupdate charges a fee is when you do bulk submissions.
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