Do you have Dental clients? Or are you a Dentist? I know we have members and visitors that are.

Well today you are in for a treat. Because I know generating great content and figuring out the best way to do Dental copywriting is no easy task.

Plus the tips I'm about to share apply to Doctors, Chiropractors and really any other type of site as well, but it's geared specifically toward Dentists.

Jacob Pulh from Firegang is another one of my favorite local bloggers.
Here are some great dental copywriting tips

10 Copywriting Tips Your Competitors Hope You Don’t Learn

Have you ever Googled your own practice?... Did your practice just pop up? Hopefully it did. One thing’s for sure, so did a lot of other practices. When you conduct a search like you just did, you’re suddenly standing in the shoes of your prospects. You’re seeing what they see when they do the same search.

It’s your job to make your practice stand out online, so that your listing instantly stands out to those on smartphones or laptops, or even desktop computers. Whether they’re at home, at work, or on the go, your search listing should jump out at them. This is what dental web copywriting is all about.

Learn to write like an expert copywriter and you can begin to attract prospects searching online in a single glance. By using the right words in their proper order, you can actually cause people to click on your listings to learn more. You can even get them to pick up the phone and call.
Click over and read all the great tips. Then come back and share your thoughts.

Thanks Jacob!

Plus Justin shared a good related post yesterday, so check it out as well.

4 Ways To Make A Patient Friendly Practitioner Page

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