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    Where Does Google Fit in the New Local On Demand Economy?

    This is an excited period in local search as we start to see a migration from browsers and search engines over to Apps that provide specific information with a hyperlocal intent. It will be interesting to see how Google makes this transition. Thanks goes to Michael Boland on this.

    Where Does Local Search Fit in a World of Apps?

    Where is Google’s place in a world where the browser is no longer the front door? On the desktop, trillions of web pages compel an index and a friendly entry point. But an app-heavy mobile environment — already siloed into neat little buckets — doesn’t beg for a core search engine.

    This is obviously worrisome for Google as the world transitions to mobile and 80 percent of mobile minutes are spent in-app. This isn’t a new notion, so the question becomes: what’s Google doing to carry its dominance into a world with alternate entry points to the digital abyss?

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    Re: Where Does Google Fit in the New Local On Demand Economy?

    Great "big picture" post. I think Google will always try to be a the forefront of search so the question becomes, "How do we as Local Search Marketers find the best way to use Google's products to gain exposure to converting users?" The fun part is as they get more clever,are jobs get a lot more interesting.
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