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    Cheap local phone number

    What is the easiest and cheap solution for getting a cheap and easy local phone number for a business?

    I have a therapist with multiple offices. Right now he has all the same phone numbers for each office, and I want him to have unique numbers.

    I feel like there should be some kind of easy way to do this with like Twilio, or some web based phone thing. . . something not involving the local phone company.

    any ideas?

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    Re: Cheap local phone number


    ^ Incredibly easy to get a local phone.

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    Re: Cheap local phone number

    Well in my opinion getting a local number through the local phone company is the best. First they are a data aggregator so your listing will be published different places on the net automatically and second the number from a local phone company uses a traditional prefix that gives credibility to the business. Many third party providers use cell phone like prefixes that may cause uncertainty with a client.

    However as soon as the phone is hooked up I port it from the ridiculously expensive phone company to a third party. I have used hosted numbers .com and also ring central for this. Hosted numbers charges $8 for the first number and 5 for each after.

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