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    Arrow Monster List of Review Generating Ideas


    Synup has accumulated an extensive list of ideas for generating customer reviews. 26 to be exact.

    What I like: Love the layout and design of these roundups Synup does.

    Not sure: Having contests as #2. Need to be very careful and depending on how the contest was designed could very well be a violation with Google. (Incentive.)

    Bad: #23 - Discounts on next service - that's an incentive and definitely a violation with Google.

    Interesting: #1 The Actionable Email Schema for gathering reviews.

    They link to this official Google doc for Review Email Markup. QUESTION: That's a cool way to get reviews via email, but where do they go? Just on your site I assume?

    Gold Star: Pre-identify potential reviewers - "It's always a good idea to ask your customer where they found you. If they found you on a review site, there's a high probability that they're going to review you online."

    That's a pretty good idea. Put your customers that found you via a review site in a different bucket. And maybe customize your review request using mail merge to feature that site on top, assuming it's one they frequent/like/use.

    Many more review generating ideas at the link below...

    The Monster List Of Ideas To Generate Reviews

    Head over and take a look.

    What do you think???

    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Monster List of Review Generating Ideas

    Great, thorough, and creative list. Gets your brain juices flowing!

    I loved #20 "Open up your space for meetups and events". Could be a great way to get backlinks as well. Probably even better for that than reviews.

    Quick question, is anyone using QR codes still to market? If so, have you been able to track their use and how effective have they been for you?
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    Re: Monster List of Review Generating Ideas

    Thanks for sharing Linda!

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    Re: Monster List of Review Generating Ideas

    Print the "ask for review" on the receipt you hand your customers, for example most people keep the bill for their books, at the bottom or at the back of the printed receipt, add something like : "if you liked your meal, give us a review on TripAdvisor".

    I've actually seen that in Paris the other day and i thought it was really smart.
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