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    Mobile Local Search: Goldmine, Micro-Moments & Mobile User Experience - Via Rio SEO

    Due to the mobilegeddon update (which was a bit of an over-hyped dud so far) I think most companies put all their energy into RANKING for mobile. I agree the focus needs to be there, because if you don't rank not many will find you.

    But I think more emphasis now needs to be on mobile conversions and capitalizing on all those very real and very immediate "Micro-moments" Google keeps talking about.

    Warren Raisch, the Chief Customer Officer over at Rio SEO did a good post at Search Engine Watch I wanted to share.

    Mobile Local Search: An Untapped Goldmine | SEW

    * Include mobile conversions that help the user get what they want, including contact information, driving directions, hours, neighborhoods served, embedded maps, coupons, local landmarks like shopping center or mall name, smaller optimized images that load quickly, abbreviated descriptions of services and business type, and links to mobile apps.

    The focus can't be only on getting your mobile site to appear in search results. What do you expect people to do once they encounter that result? Is your page set up and optimized to answer their query, deliver on their need and enable them to take action?

    Always consider the user's experience from querying, through to finding your result, and all the way through to conversion. What obstacles have been placed in their way? Get rid of them.

    Above is just a snippet so head over to read the rest.

    But I really agree with the part I quoted above. I think it's time to shift some of the mobile emphasis to user experience and conversions.

    A great idea just occurred to me. I don't have the resources or carpal bandwidth to pull it off. But this would be a great study one of the big companies could do. OR consultants could even do this on a small scale for a specific client.

    A "Micro-moments" focus group - usability study!

    I think one of the big companies like Rio or Sim Parters, BrightLocal or Moz should do this.

    Get a variety of consumers. Ask questions pertinent to the business.
    So for a Dentist you could ask questions like:

    Pretend you have a tooth ache. You go to Google on your mobile phone. What do you search for? What influences you to select a specific Dentist? Pretend you select the ABCdental site: Where to you go? What do you like? Can you find the info you need?

    Then ask other questions of other people like: "Pretend you are new in town and looking for a new family dentist..." Then: "You had a bad experience with your current Dentist and want to find a new Dentist. You go to Google. What do you do next?" When you get to the ABCdental site... Where to you go? What do you like? Can you find the info you need?

    OK so I was just going to quote that post and ended up writing a book again.
    But I think that idea would make a great study/blog post and create some buzz.

    But what do you think???

    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Note: Due to mulitple RSI injuries, pardon short replies. Typos? Blame it on "Dragon".

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    Re: Mobile Local Search: Goldmine, Micro-Moments & Mobile User Experience - Via Rio

    It all sounds good to me. Mobile is very important.

    I read in the article where the author is seeing over 50% of searches come from mobile. Looking at my own clients, I only see 25% coming from mobile. Is everyone else seeing something similar for local businesses or are the views skewed heavily toward mobile? Make sure you're only reporting organic search traffic
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