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    Contact Button on GMB Support not working

    Just noticed this when trying to contact GMB support to correct a listing. I tried to click on the "Contact Us" button on the support page, then clicked the "call" button (which should have directed me to receive a call, since I was within the support hours), but then got redirected back to the main support page. Very frustrating.

    Has anyone else run into this problem? Is it only during certain times? Not really sure what's happening there.
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    Re: Contact Button on GMB Support not working

    Hi Eric, I experienced the same issue yesterday. We have made Google aware over at the GMB Forum.

    I'll circle back here as soon as I get some news.
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    Re: Contact Button on GMB Support not working

    Was just on the Google Support page today and noticed the Contact Us options have reduced significantly! Maybe this is why Eric had trouble the other day - they were making these changes?

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    (The bottom image was taken this morning when I must have been outside the PDT support hours - nice to see the Closed notice, so I didn't bother calling )
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