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    Competitive Analysis Tips for Local SEO

    Yesterday I posted a blog about conducting advanced competition analysis on the main blog. While I feel like I can never write enough and could have kept going I did include some new nuggets of info that I haven't shared before. Competition research is essential and there are plenty of tools that can help supplement your research.

    Advanced Local SEO Competition Analysis

    Competition in local search is fierce. While it's typical to do some surface level research on your competitors before entering a market, you can go much further down the SEO rabbit hole. In this article we will look at how you can find more competitors, pull their data, and use it to beat them in the search game.
    Head over to The Moz Blog to read more on my actionable tips for a Local SEO Competitive Analysis.

    What are your thoughts? How in depth do you go with competition research?
    Casey Meraz: Local Search Nerd, Moz Local Search Raking Factors Contributor, Speaker at SMX & Author of How To Perform The Ultimate Local SEO Audit.

    Twitter | G + | Founder of Juris Digital & Ethical SEO Consulting

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    Re: Competitive Analysis Tips for Local SEO

    Popping in from vaca to say thanks for sharing here Casey!

    I saw it over at Moz and hoped someone would. Great info as always!
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Competitive Analysis Tips for Local SEO

    This post looks amazing as usual Casey. I'm looking forward to diving in head first!
    Colan Nielsen l GMB Top Contributor
    Vice President, Local Search at Sterling Sky
    Connect on Google + and Twitter

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