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    What Do You Wish GMB Dashboard Offered?

    Putting together a proposal for a client and realizing I wiped a folder that had some impressive improvements I have made for a client (luckily I had a backup). Which made me think of how I wish GMB went back more than 90 days. What features do you wish the GMB dash offered? Hopefully this discussion will bring out some new things we can share we each other and stimulate some learning.

    Curious to hear what you all have to say!

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    Re: What Do You Wish GMB Dashboard Offered?

    I would love it if Google brought back the feature that displayed what search terms were sending the most activity to the G+ Local page. This feature goes back to the old dashboard before it was even call Google+ Local page.

    That would be awesome!
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    Re: What Do You Wish GMB Dashboard Offered?

    I second that, Colan!

    I'd like the analytics feature back, where you could select a date range.

    It was helpful to be able to go back and compare stats for 6 months ago, before you started on account vs today. Or before you started a particular campaign push to see the impact or whatever.

    What about you???
    Google reads this forum - weigh in with any wishes or great ideas!

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    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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