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    And this is Why Citation and NAP Consistency is Important - Bill Slawski

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    How Google views Local citations
    A detailed answer by +Bill Slawski

    Ajay Prasad shared a post at the Local Search Pros Community that was originally shared by Randy Milanovic who shared what Bill Slawski had to say about the technical aspects of NAP consistency.

    Google Maps is based upon a Semantic Web approach to indexing data instead of pages, on the Web The patent it was based upon was created as part of Google's Annotation project run by Andrew Hogue. I wrote about it here:

    Was Google Maps a Proof of Concept for Google’s Knowledge Base Efforts?
    Was Google Maps a Proof of Concept for Google's Knowledge Base Efforts?

    Having a large number of web pages across the web with consistent geographic location information tells Google that the information about those businesses is likely correct,. That's the point behind NAP Consistency. Here's the abstract from that patent:
    That was just a snippet, so head over to read the rest at the Local Search Pros Community.

    Thanks for sharing Ajay and as always for the patent insights Bill!

    What do you think? Pretty technical, but makes sense, right?
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    Re: And this is Why Citation and NAP Consistency is Important - Bill Slawski

    All I saw was the share of Bill's reply. Makes sense. NAP consistency is just to make sure Google feels like you do what they think you do and you do it where they think you do it.

    Always good to hear from Bill on something.

    What else did you guys take away from this?
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