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    53 Helpful Points about Title Tags

    Here are the ones I see most with Local SEO clients:

    If two pages on your site use the same title tag, it becomes much more difficult for Google to determine which is the best fit for the searcher, which can dilute your rankings. More importantly, title tags should target slightly different concepts, not just slightly different variations of a keyword.

    You want to avoid creating a large number of pages that all target the exact same concept, and you want to avoid creating endless recombinations of slightly different versions of the same keyword phrases.

    (Ex: one page targeting "dentist toronto" and another targeting "toronto dentist")

    Why Google shows something different in the SERPs than what you've indicated - "However, in many circumstances, this happens because the title tag is too long, and Google is attempting to write a title tag that is visible for the user. Shorter title tags can prevent this issue."

    #47 - Is changing your title tag often a bad idea? Yes. After changing your title tag, Google often drops you from the search results temporarily while it determines if the new title is a good fit for the page. Doing this frequently will prevent you from ranking at all and may reduce trust in the relevance of the page.

    Some Great Tips I took away:
    • "a site can receive a Panda demotion if too many of its pages cover nearly identical topics"
    • " if your title is too long to be fully visible in search results, the words listed after the cutoff still weigh more heavily on search results than any other content on the page"
    • "A study by Outbrain suggests that putting a question mark in a title can improve the click through rate."
    • "According to a study by Ripenn, putting the word Video in parentheses or brackets at the end of a title can help videos go viral, which obviously benefits rankings in many indirect ways."
    • A list of all symbols you can use in the title tags - HTML Codes - Table of ascii characters and symbols

    Full Article:

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    Re: 53 Helpful Points about Title Tags

    Oustanding tips Joy! Thanks

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    Re: 53 Helpful Points about Title Tags

    Great tips and great share! Thanks Joy!
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