Google just announced in the Map Maker Community that phase one has started and six countries are now open for editing: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, India, Philippines and Ukraine.

Sorry not US and UK yet. But YAY Canada!

Pavithra Kanakarajan from Google, also clarified a little about how edits will work now.

Map Maker will be enabled in six countries starting today

A few points about what you can expect with regards to moderation of your edits:

While Regional Leads will moderate, edits will continue to be reviewed by Google’s automated moderation systems as well. A small fraction of edits will be moderated by Google operators.

Since edits will be increasingly reviewed by Regional Leads in your community, they may take more time to go live. The Regional Leads may reach out to you through comments to help review your edit. We request that you collaborate with them to get your edits published.

Should you need to communicate with the Regional Leads in the context of a specific edit, please use Map Maker’s General Product Forum and post your request under country-specific “Review Edit Requests” categories.

When will Map Maker be available in other countries?

Map Maker will open up in phases in other countries over the coming weeks. Please stay tuned for updates.

Above is just a partial snippet, click through to read the rest.

Here is the form if you want to try to become a Regional Lead.

Has anyone here signed up as an RL yet? They reached out and offered me the opportunity, but I didn't reply because with the RSI I can't take on anything else.

h/t Jim Whitesell in our Pro Community.

Wonder why they started with those countries?

What do you think???