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    Exclamation Log Into Google My Business or Your Listing May Be Deleted

    Google has warned about this before and I've written several posts about it. It started in Australia, then hit Canada. Google would warn businesses they need to log in and check their data. Many that didn't saw their listings deleted.

    In case you missed it, Google issued a wide spread alert about this yesterday on the Google Small Business G+ page.

    We’re always trying to make it easier for customers to connect with businesses on Google. That’s why if you’re a business owner and you haven’t logged into your Google My Business account in over a year, you may receive an email from us soon asking you to sign in and confirm your business information. Just follow the steps in the email by simply logging into your Google My Business dashboard, then checking to make sure your information is up to date and submitting any changes if necessary. If your account remains inactive after receiving a notice from us, then it could run the risk of being de-verified, or in rare cases, removed from Google Maps.

    We recommend that all Google My Business users check on your business information by logging into your account at least once every six months -- doing this only takes a few seconds. It ensures that we’ve got the right information, and that customers can continue connecting with your business on Google Search and Maps. To get going, visit 

    So I want to make a couple points...

    1st of all, proactive consultants should be logging in at least once a month to do something on the listing or to at least check to be sure bots didn't make changes. That will definitely show Google the account is being proactively managed.

    Secondly, I'm sure this will send out an even stronger rash of bogus scammy phone calls saying: "You need to verify your listing or it will be deleted." And they would be right about that. AND now they have something official to point to.

    So if you have nervous clients, you might want to proactively let them know about this, warn them to ignore calls because they are scams AND assure them you are always doing what's necessary to keep their listing in good standing with Google.

    I think it's good tho that Google is trying to force companies to verify their data. So many businesses claimed years ago - set it and forget it. And now there is lots of bad data out there and listings that have not been kept up to date.

    What do you think???
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    Re: Log Into Google My Business or Your Listing May Be Deleted

    I will be setting aside some time today to check all my clients. Gonna be a long day.
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