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CITATIONS. We all need them. We love them when they are right. But I think everyone here can agree, they are no fun to build and a royal pain to have to clean up!

If you are still struggling with the whole citation building, management, clean up thing, then this video by Darren Shaw from Whitespark will explain everything in less than 25 minutes. (Wanted to share it in case you missed it in August.)

VIDEO BELOW, but 1st the blog post/overview from Eduard de Boer @ Whitespark.

Presentation "End-to-End Citation Discovery and Management"

On June 27th, 2015 Darren Shaw presented at LocalU Advanced in Minneapolis, MN...

In this presentation Darren covers the following topics:

Why Citations?
Auditing your Existing Citations
Find offline sources business data
Find online sources of business data
Duplicate Discovery and Cleanup
Search the important sites
General Cleanup Process
Prioritizing Beyond the Basics
Identifying and Obtaining Niche Citations


Wow can Darren blast out all the best citation tips fast, right?!!!

Even though I shared the video here, please click over to the WhiteSpark post, because the full written transcript is there so you can read what Darren just so quickly said, to help it all sink in.

What was your favorite tip???