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    Post Google Is About To Make Apple's Siri Look Like A Joke

    That's a bummer if you're still bullish on Siri. I think the core function of these virtual assistants is to intelligently deliver the answer you're looking for. Siri isn't as good at doing that as Google is.

    So when Google brings its stellar voice search to Apple's devices in a few days, it's going to make Siri look like the dumpy beta product Apple claims it is.

    See it on, via Google Places Optimization & Local SEO News

    Read the rest of this news here

    What do you guys think???
    Please add comments and questions below.
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    Re: Google Is About To Make Apple's Siri Look Like A Joke

    What Does Voice Search Mean for the Future of Search?
    by John Reynolds, 9th Sphere, in Daily SEO Tip

    Smartphone and tablet use is on the rise and it is changing the way people search. Siri and Google Voice on smartphones allow users to search by voice command. These results can be different from traditional search engines like Google and could really change the search landscape and search engine optimization.

    So what does voice search mean for SEO?

    Keywords Still Rule
    Even with voice search, keywords will still be king when it comes to SEO. Your average Internet user is just as likely to look up the same kinds of phrases that were once typed into a search bar. Though a user may say complete phrases, like “Find the best Italian restaurants in downtown Baltimore” instead of just the keyword, programs like Siri and Google Voice recognize the important words in this sentence and put their algorithms to work pulling search results.

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    Re: Google Is About To Make Apple's Siri Look Like A Joke

    Good to hear about this as after 1 day of Siri, I've had nothing but dissapointment since. So inaccurate for such simple demands!
    It also doesen't help that the British Siri is a male voice. A women's voice would make it a little less dissapointing for me.

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