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    Difference between two similar queries

    I noticed this when doing some prep work for an upcoming blog post, and can't really put my finger on why Google would decide to display two similar queries differently.

    Query: Moving Truck
    Name:  Moving Truck - 10.17.15.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  164.2 KB

    Query: Moving Truck Rental
    Name:  Moving Truck Rental - 10.17.15.jpg
Views: 114
Size:  187.0 KB

    Why do you guys think Google decided to show the letter markers in one, but not the other... also the order is slightly different and the names are removed from one of the maps.

    What do you think? I thought intent was pretty similar in both queries, but the maps would definitely force a different behavior.
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    Re: Difference between two similar queries

    Hi Eric,

    Also note on that 2nd display style NO REVIEWs.

    I posted about this back in August:
    Google Testing New Local Brand 3 Packs - Good News & Bad News

    That 2nd display usually only shows when Google is pretty sure you are doing a brand search. If she's totally sure and there is only one location, she'll show a one-box.
    But if she 'thinks' its a brand search but isn't certain OR if there are multiple locations for a brand, she'll show that A,B,C brand pack.

    That's my best guess anyway. So maybe because so many have "Truck Rental" in the name, she's a little confused and thinks it's a brand search?
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    Re: Difference between two similar queries

    Pay close attention to the title tags for each query.

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