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    2015 Search Ranking Factors

    I read Rand Fishkin's presentation this morning and it had some really awesome pointers. Here were my notes from it along with the whole presentation.

    - "SEOs feel on average the algo is flattening and the days of a single factor having an overwhelming impact are fading"
    - Health websites that link out more tend to rank higher, however dining sites don't see the same pattern.
    - Length of content wasn't so much of a factor for dining sites (probably because no restaurants can naturally have long content)
    - The correlation of social sharing to ranking is less for real estate than it is for health-related sites.
    - In their tests, raw URL mentions had no impact on ranking (not like links)
    - Social shares do not lead to links.

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    Re: 2015 Search Ranking Factors

    Thanks so much for sharing Joy.

    And posting from the Summit? Now that's dedication!
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    Re: 2015 Search Ranking Factors

    Great post, Joy. I find it interesting how much more scattered the community has become on what works/how much.
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