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    Question Pros Discuss: How to Get Google My Business to show your Preferred Image

    If you manage lots of listings (or maybe even just one) you've likely had a case of Google displaying an image other than the one you select. Or sometimes even a really bad image you don't want showing up in the Knowledge Graph front and center.

    In one of the recent updates Google gave us the ability to mark our "Preferred" image.
    But that's only a suggestion and the algo will still pick the image it thinks is best.

    Matt Riggleman asked a question at the Pro Community that turned into a really good discussion,
    so I wanted to be sure to share it here.

    There are a few good references to using Schema, to help influence what shows in the Knowledge Graph.

    Discussion @ Local Search Pros Community

    Matt Riggleman asked:

    Is there any way to tell Google which image to use for your branded search box in universal search? Right now, they're referencing our store walkthrough (good stuff) along with an outdated picture of the front of our building (not so good). Newer, better images do exist in our business profile. Thanks for any help you can provide!

    Weighing in with some great insights were:

    Gerry Foster, Jim Hinman, Bryan Heckler, Rachel Rossicone, Matt Riggleman, Chad Kimball, JD Milburn & Chad Russell.

    I replied with something that many users don't know. Google does not like Logos.

    I hear this frustration a lot at the forum too. Important re logos. You said: "but, at least for this purpose, Google doesn't reference our logo at all."

    If you have a logo selected as your preferred image, know that Google has a bias against logos and will almost always pick a photo instead. Which one is a crap shoot. So if logo is selected I'd switch preference to one of your images.

    So if you've ever had image problems like this, head over to hear what all the wise pros have to say.
    Discussion @ Local Search Pros Community

    Any questions? Any other tips to add?
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

    If you benefit from advice here... Please pay the community back by sharing on social OR helping someone else at the forum. Thank you!

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    Re: Pros Discuss: How to Get Google My Business to show your Preferred Image

    I would add that CONSUMERS hate your logo also. They love to see staff, your office inside and out, company parties etc. Visitors are just like you Mr business owner. They don't sit on facebook and instagram all day looking at logos.

    Logos on GMB pages are a lame thing to try and hack. Even if you pull it off, the rest of the world thinks it's lame. The logo bounce rate is .000001 seconds IMO.

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    Re: Pros Discuss: How to Get Google My Business to show your Preferred Image

    We have had some success using the "logo" property in our clients' schema markup but it never really worked across the board. This post from Whitespark goes over how to add the logo info to your schema.
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