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    Google Maps API to check my local Ranking?

    Hey Guys,
    i am Marcel and i am sitting on my final master examen. The topic is about local Seo.
    I Want to check a valid ranking for 2 or 3 Keywords in Google Maps. When i use this API https://developers.google.com/places/web-service/search i get 20 results for a keyword and for an speific lat and long Place.

    How are the results sorted? Is the order nearly on the Google Maps Index? Do you have another idea to check my local Rankings?

    Thanks a lot and bg from berlin

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    Re: Google Maps API to check my local Ranking?

    If it's just 2 or 3 keywords the best thing is to just check Google yourself. If you are near the location of the business. If not set your search location to that city.

    Not sure why you'd even try to use the API?
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    Re: Google Maps API to check my local Ranking?

    I had to re-read this a couple of times, but I think I understand where the disconnect is. The Places API documentation is more for building your own maps, not necessarily for determining specific business rankings within places. So basically with that API call someone can create a map with very specific filtering parameters, so the map will only show certain businesses. An example would be if I had a restaurant review website, and only wanted to show businesses within a 10 mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA with an average review rating of 3 or more. I'd be able to make a map on my website with that specific criteria showing only businesses meeting those parameters.

    That API isn't necessarily for checking ranking, but it's for making mapping applications within sites or apps.
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