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    Shifting blog URL

    Hi guys

    I'm planning to shift a blog from a subdomain to a top domain. So basically in google's eyes it's like 2 urls

    There is some existing content on the subdomain. If I shift it over to the main domain, will google see it as duplicate content?

    I tried 301 redirect for something before. But a year on, Google still crawls my old site.

    What's the best way to do this? Thanks!

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    Re: Shifting blog URL

    Google may still crawl the old domain because of links you have out 'in the wild'.

    If the content was all moved to the TLD, I would just 301 the old sub-domain.

    If the pages on the sub-domain have a lot of links to them, I may create individual 301's to the appropriate content. So that subdomain.domain.com/page-with-content.html 301 redirects to domain.com/page-with-content.html - this way if you do have some rankings for a sub-domain page (that are/were sending traffic), users aren't redirected to the root (which may cause them to bounce if it's not the content they're expecting).

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