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Thread: Local Foul Play

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    Local Foul Play

    I haven't seen this bold of a move work in a while:

    Spam listing:

    The title screams spam but the website they use should be a clear signal. A general search page on PT.


    It seems that recent improvements in GMB would not verify this business. It is interesting that they have two different hours of operation. Just a curious case that I wanted to share with you all.
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    Re: Local Foul Play

    Thanks for sharing Michael.

    At 1st I just assumed the 1st one linked to HER profile on PT. Then I re-read your post.

    That spammy title + linking to the search results page reminds me of the LA Personal Injury case I tracked for so long that ranked on page one with 2 listings. 1 to Avvo search results page for LA PI and the other to a search page for LA PI.

    Those directory search pages have authority and tons of juicy NAPs, local street names, keywords etc.

    But that's not allowed any more. In part that Atty case I highlighted was responsible for getting them to tighten up the rules on that. But also they technically should not even have been able to create/verify a dupe like that any more.
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