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    Exclamation NEW! Facebook Professional Services Takes on Yelp & Google Local

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    Search Engine Land just broke a story about a new and as yet unannounced service on Facebook that could rock Yelp and Google Local.

    Facebook Professional Services” shows you the BEST local businesses in your area based on reviews and other criteria and they are covering an extensive array of business categories.

    Martin Beck wrote: "...the company appears to be taking direct aim at local search companies like Yelp and Google by offering listings of local businesses and services, complete with user reviews."

    Is "Facebook Professional Services” Facebook’s Stealth Project To Beat Yelp?

    Visitors to Professional Services are presented first with a page that has their current location preselected. Searches can be made within that area by typing into a dialog box that serves up business categories like plumbers, dentists, photographers, beauty salons, pharmacies, pizza places and so on.

    The roster of categories is extensive. Down the page, there are at least 85 business types in an “Explore other services” section, and even more suggestions appear when you start typing into the search box...

    I think this is a very interesting development.

    Many SMBs were already more active on Facebook than Google+ and now that Google+ has been stripped of most local business features I'm sure many SMBs that tried to get traction on Google+ may now put more effort back into Facebook.

    Hopefully this move by FB will help Google see they need to step up their local game a little to keep up with the Joneses.

    What do YOU think???
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    Re: NEW! Facebook Professional Services Takes on Yelp & Google Local

    Very interesting, indeed! I am curious to see how much user engagement and the connections through friends influence the results you get. More proof that width is getting more important in online marketing - even in the local space.
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    Re: NEW! Facebook Professional Services Takes on Yelp & Google Local

    "Some believe that Places could be a potential Yelp killer, if only Facebook promoted it more and, crucially, made it available on mobile devices. Now, Facebook might have two Yelp killers in the works."

    "Yelp Killer" LOL. I love predictions about Yelp dying. It makes for spicy writing and discussions no doubt. However, the prediction always come from folks that don't leave or read many Yelp reviews. I got a hundred spot that the author has left less than 10 reviews and used Yelp for less than 2 searches this week.

    Yelp Reviews are hands down some of the best user generated content on the web. Yes Yelpers can be very annoying to SMB'S that haven't learned how to deal with the Yelp beast (see south park episode) but they are also the most passionate IMO. Although the traffic doesn't hold a candle to Google or Bing the conversion rates for SMBs w/Yelp strategy are steller.

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    Re: NEW! Facebook Professional Services Takes on Yelp & Google Local

    @Cody, agreed 100% on your points about Yelp content and influence! And I probably wouldn't take the bet

    But the scale of Facebook is so massive that even with relatively meek review content and meek conversion rates, this could drive a lot of business, as Google reviews have. I think this development is significant.

    Theoretically, Yelp dies if its revenue stream is cut-off. In my experience, business owners who resent Yelp are looking for any justification to spend their marketing dollars elsewhere.
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