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    Nav structure & breadcrumbs for location pages

    Hi -

    • A client has say, six legitimate locations, on a wordpress site with a page or a mini-hub for each of those locations.
    • The site also has a summary "Locations" page that lists all of those offices with a summary address and map listing and a link to the location page for each location.
    • The summary "Locations" page is on the top-level nav menu.

    Would it be better to have those location pages be "child" pages of the summary "Locations" page, or would it be best to have them NOT have a "parent" page?

    In other words, is it best if the breadcrumbs for the first location page would be like this:
    A. Home>Locations>Location_1
    or like this?
    B. Home>Location_1

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    Re: Nav structure & breadcrumbs for location pages

    We have the same situation and our location pages come off of our home page and not our locations page.

    That is what our agency who set it up recommended and in the 2 years it's been that way, things seem to be working well.

    Here is our locations page:
    Divorce Mediation Locations in NJ and Illinois - Equitable Mediation Services

    And if you click on one location, you'll see it comes off the homepage:
    Divorce Mediation Bridgewater - Equitable Mediation Bridgewater NJ 08807

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    Re: Nav structure & breadcrumbs for location pages

    We have never been able to establish a 1-1 that proves that folder organization has a best practice. That said, there are advantages to each strategy. Google has said that pages that live higher up in folders (/locations as opposed to /services/locations) are indexed more quickly. However, by organizing them better, you are better able to tell google the hierarchy of your pages.
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