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    The Power of Location: Everything You Need To Know About Digital Location Management

    As we set foot into 2016, the local search ecosystem is increasingly fragmented across a growing number of mobile devices as well as an ever-expanding set of maps, apps, sites, and social media networks. Constant updates to algorithms and operating systems — such as Apple’s recent launch of iOS 9 — make it more difficult for businesses to keep up. As digital and mobile search continue to dominate the market, marketers need to invest in a comprehensive and scalable solution like DLM to make sure their local customers always find the information they’re seeking.

    The webinar shared insights from Forrester Consulting’s research report commissioned by Yext. In it, Forrester documented the efforts of companies with local brick-and-mortar presence as they attempted to create, update, and maintain accurate and consistent information about their local business operations. Both the report and whitepaper help marketers better understand:

    • Where DLM fits into today’s local marketing and digital advertising ecosystem
    • Insights on how successful marketers are using local today
    • The major challenges and obstacles that marketers face in local
    • Recommendations on how to best leverage the power of location to drive mobile customer visits

    Watch the full webinar to learn about why DLM is essential in today’s local search ecosystem, and how marketers can use it successfully to reach more customers and grow their business.

    Too busy for a full webinar? Check out the whitepaper on DLM! This paper was written by Forrester Consulting. It contains a survey of 100 marketing professionals and interviews with leaders in digital location management. It provides an overview of digital location management, common challenges, best practices, and recommendations for solutions. My suggested audience is anyone new to digital location management, or who you would like to take a more holistic view of digital location management as opposed to favoring a series of point solutions.

    As always, feel free to share and cheers!
    VP, Community Yext
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    Re: The Power of Location: Everything You Need To Know About Digital Location Managem

    And FYI guys the white paper has some great info and is not behind a sign up form.
    Just click the link above to get right to it!
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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