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    Green Stars for Reviews in Google (while not logged in)

    It looks like Google is back testing things again.

    There was a post back in 2014 about the same Green Stars showing up -

    Now maybe I've been asleep for the past year and a half, but wasn't it gold/orange stars just a few days ago?

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm back to seeing green stars while not logged into an account. If i'm logged in on gmail, then I see the orange stars.

    Please tell me that it's Google testing something again, and I'm not only now noticing something.

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    If it's been around a while, please kill this thread and send me my homework assignment!
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    Re: Green Stars for Reviews in Google (while not logged in)

    I've actually been seeing a lot of blue stars in the SERPs. Maybe they're testing different colors for different data centers.
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    Re: Green Stars for Reviews in Google (while not logged in)

    Thanks for sharing Conor!

    Yep she's been testing star colors a lot lately.

    Jen from SEMpost has reported recently about gray, blue and teal stars.
    Here's the one about gray and linked inside are the blue and teal star posts.

    Google Testing Gray Stars in Ratings, Local & AdWords
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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