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    Schema for College

    Hi all,

    I'm kind of unexperienced with schema and I wanted to get some advice on what markup you would use for a college with multiple campus locations

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    Re: Schema for College

    Hi Warren,

    Google officially recommends JSON-LD as the data format for local business (would apply here too of course). If you'd like a pretty easy to read intro to using JSON-LD for brick and mortar locations, whitespark put together a good little write up here.

    If you'd like a much less easy to read bit of reference material, schema has an official designation for colleges/universities though I haven't ever done any work with one before, and don't know how I'd go about trying to designate different campus locations... aside from the obvious of having the main address be the address in the schema everywhere aside from the pages specifically about a sub location, and then using the relevant address/etc. there instead. If you're hoping to have multiplate addresses show up in the knowledge panel or something, I'd look around to see if you can find any colleges/universities with multiple locations and see what they're doing.

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