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    Discover How Google Top Contributor Joy Hawkins Uses the Yext Google Integration

    Yesterday I shared a post about Yext's new integration with Google:
    Yext Adds Google to the PowerListings Network

    Today I wanted to share a Yext post that features what our very own Top Contributor, Joy Hawkins thinks about the integration and how she's using it.

    Customer Spotlight: See How Sweetgreen and Top GMB Contributor, Joy Hawkins, Use Yext’s Google Integration

    Joy uses Yext’s integration to instantly update her customers’ business location information across Google’s key properties, including Google Search, Maps, and ads. “The platform is really easy to navigate, and everything updates extremely quickly,” praised Hawkins...

    Joy also uses the integration to easily add and edit rich content, such as photos, which are a critical source of engagement on Google My Business listings. “Yext’s integration provides a really seamless way to distribute photos to tons of sites all at once and remove them all quickly if we need to pull them down later. The photos I added published on Google within minutes, which was fantastic.”

    Above is just 2 paragraphs so there is lots more. Head over to read and see the other things Joy likes about using Yext for Google and also how the other company uses it.
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    Re: Discover How Google Top Contributor Joy Hawkins Uses the Yext Google Integration

    Best move by Yext since their launch.

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    Re: Discover How Google Top Contributor Joy Hawkins Uses the Yext Google Integration

    Thanks, Cody!

    We are very excited about the GMB launch.

    (But Seriously, you didn't like the duplicate suppression system at all??... we worked really hard on that one too!...)

    Thanks again.
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