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    Google Is Fixing The “Permanently Closed” Problem

    If any of the "closed" lisitng problems have been annoying you, check out this post from Joy over at SEL - Google Is Fixing The "Permanently Closed" Problem

    I’ve heard many complaints in the last couple years from business owners who have issues with their listings showing up as “Permanently Closed” in the search results on Google.

    Usually, it happens to businesses who have relocated, and their customers are seeing their old location with a big, ugly, red “Permanently closed” label instead of seeing the new location’s address.

    In the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that Google My Business support is doing something different to solve these issues. Unknown to many, there is actually a “Moved” feature on Google Maps that solves this issue.
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    Re: Google Is Fixing The “Permanently Closed” Problem

    I'm really glad to have spotted this, this seems to be a problem that pops up a lot, and I love knowing exactly what to do with it now. I was definitely going to post it here if no one else had yet, thanks for sharing Colan, and thanks for writing it Joy!

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    Re: Google Is Fixing The “Permanently Closed” Problem

    Timing is everything... Yesterday I composed a long rant about this topic, essentially accusing Google of causing this problem on purpose for some evil reason.

    I'm glad I decided not to post it!

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