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    Recent spate of "guest post" offers

    Hi - I have noticed a recent increase in the number of emails received by me and by my clients, offering guest post "content". Did something happen recently to trigger this new wave?

    I just wrote an article about this, partly for the sake of referring people to my answer when they write and ask, "should I accept this guest article offer?

    Home Care SEO: Should You Accept A "Guest Post" For Your Website?

    Let me know if you agree with my conclusion, which is basically, "most of the time, it's not worth accepting guest posts".

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    Re: Recent spate of "guest post" offers

    I've been receiving those as well; I'm not sure why it's undergoing a revival.

    I agree: Not worth the trouble.

    • they are typically of low quality
    • they are generally of limited or negative SEO value
    • Matt Cutts warned against getting involved in this practice a few years back, even before Local SEO was big

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    Re: Recent spate of "guest post" offers

    I've got a lot of these as well. I don't mind contributing to the ones that are roundups since it's only a paragraph but I have been noticing lately that a lot of low quality sites are now doing this. At first the emails I was getting were for higher quality sites.

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