Google Says AMP Not A Ranking Factor (But Does it Matter At This Point?)
by Matt Southern, Search Engine Journal
February 26, 2016

Responding to a question asked in a Google+ Hangout, Google’s John Mueller officially stated AMP is not a ranking factor at this point. Converting pages to AMP format will satisfy the mobile-friendly ranking signal, but there’s no ranking signal that’s solely associated with AMP.

I ask if it matters if AMP is a ranking signal right now, not because few have adopted the technology, but because of how AMP content is currently being featured. In an effort to push its new proprietary technology, Google is featuring AMP content in a carousel that sits above-the-fold....

....what does it matter if AMP is a ranking signal or not if AMP content already has a one-way ticket to the top of the first page? For the most part AMP content is already ranking above organic results, which is one of the greatest ranking boosts one can ask for.