WordPress HTTP:// to HTTPS:// Quick Start Guide
by DazzlinDonna (Donna Fontenot Cavalier)
March 7, 2016

This isnít meant to be a comprehensive post on everything pertaining to moving a site from // to https://. Instead, this is more like the quick cheatsheet. This is basically the list of steps I use to move my small sites (all pages) from HTTP:// to https://.

There may be bumps in the road or special circumstances (especially for larger sites) that I donít cover here. But if you just want the quick summary, this should work for you.

If you have more than one site, I recommend you start by moving the smallest, least popular site. This gives you the ability to test things out without worrying too much.

At the end of this WordPress HTTP:// TO HTTPS:// QUICK START GUIDE, Iíve provided a few resources that helped me think through this process. Note that none of them perfectly met my needs, so thatís why I wrote my own here.