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    Discover the Best Methods 11 SEO Experts Use to Get New Clients

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    What have you found to be the best ways to attract new local search clients?

    I've shared expert roundups on this topic in the past, but I figure good consultants can't ever get enough ideas about lead generation and business building.

    How to Get SEO Clients? 11 Experts Chime In - Agency Analytics Blog

    Whether you're looking for your first client, or you're a thriving agency, there are many other ways to land new business. I've procured a list of 11 experts who've been successful in snagging SEO clients to open your eyes to new methods and hopefully grow your business. Here's how to get SEO clients:


    What was your favorite tip?

    Did you learn anything new in that post, that you feel inspired to try?

    What other tactics have you tried that were successful?
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Discover the Best Methods 11 SEO Experts Use to Get New Clients

    My favorite methods of contact; direct mail and cold calling.
    The best way to add value?
    -Reaching out to mention 404's on a business owner's page and mentioning how to 303 redirect them to another page.
    -Explaining mobile optimization and how to correct it easily for wordpress sites and how non-wordpress sites (if their site isn't optimized).
    -Send them pages of negative reviews to sign them up for a proactive ORM service.
    -Set up their GMB page for free for them as an introductory offer.

    I know some other marketers prefer to build sites up and sell them to local businesses once they get some traffic on the site. Some will prefer to become the lead sellers themselves, preferring to sell the leads to the business. Selling leads as opposed to selling lead generating sites is more of a hassle, after dealing with many online lead providers for insurance, it was a horrible arrangement sometimes from my side as a consumer, and I am sure it's hell for them when the leads aren't constantly laying down and giving their business without some effort on behalf of the lead purchaser.

    Or create a local directory and offer them a free citation for 15 minutes with them.

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    Re: Discover the Best Methods 11 SEO Experts Use to Get New Clients

    Thanks for sharing Linda! I loved the guy who targets people with full-page Yellow Pages ads. Those things are EXPENSIVE so you know you're dealing with someone that can afford to hire you.

    I have found blogging and forum-posting to be the best ways to demonstrate expertise. Ironically, we've never actually focused on SEO for ourselves since most of our clients aren't anywhere near Toronto but we're about to change that. I'm actually excited to start doing what we do best for ourselves.
    Joy Hawkins
    Owner of Sterling Sky
    Author of The Expert's Guide to Local SEO [, a 260+ page training manual that is updated monthly and contains advanced tips and tactics for Local SEO that actually work and drive results.

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    Re: Discover the Best Methods 11 SEO Experts Use to Get New Clients

    Great article. Thanks for the share Linda!

    Interestingly enough, today at lunch I went to a local spot that I often go to. I wanted to test out the Google review/photo feature. I was explaining the new feature to the business owner (who doesn't even have his page verified) and he thought it was cool and gave me his marketing managers business card to get in touch.

    So I agree that "knocking on doors" can work if it's done in the right way. In this case, I wasn't there to sell them, I was simply showing them some cool Google features that impacts their business.
    Colan Nielsen l GMB Top Contributor
    Vice President, Local Search at Sterling Sky
    Connect on Google + and Twitter

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    Re: Discover the Best Methods 11 SEO Experts Use to Get New Clients

    I agree with Colan, the easiest ins I've had by far are when I'm a patron that just happens to be talking to the business owner about marketing.

    The 'strategic business partnerships' that was mentioned is a great kind of referral too. Close relationships with people at the right companies can mean a stream of referrals for years... can be harder to open up potentially, but worth investing the time. More things for the list.

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