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    'The True Local web' - what is it and are you using it?

    Here is an interesting article from Search Engine Land regarding the 'True Local Web'.

    Local marketing: What is the true local web?

    The true local web is composed of websites that are published by actual local organizations, as opposed to websites that are created by national publishers that donít have a real local presence. In other words, these are websites published by entities with actual addresses in the city youíre trying to market to.

    The true local web includes not just local retail or service businesses within a given city, but other organizations, as well. It includes the nonprofits. The arts. The news publishers, bloggers and events native to a location.
    Above is just a snippet, so head over to read the rest.

    I'm still digesting the article but I'd be interested in thoughts from others on the forum!

    Priya Chandra
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    Re: 'The True Local web' - what is it and are you using it?

    I may have to bookmark this as something to show our local search clients. So often a client will want to know what they can do to help improve their rankings and this is a great guide for them without getting too technical. Thanks for sharing, Priya!
    Free Local Checklist
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