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★ MEMBER SPOTLIGHT & Free Promo Friday ★

To reward our loyal active members, last week I added a new perk. I didn't pre-announce it, so launch was a surprise and it didn't give you guys too much to time to think about what you wanted to share. Now that we're live, I thought I'd give you a reminder today, so you can get something ready to go.

Many people want to advertise here to take advantage of our traffic.
(3500 avg Local Search focused visits a day.)

So as the name implies, the Promo thread is a place you can promote ANYTHING on Fridays.
(Provided you meet the requirements.)


.:. Have a Local Search service to offer? Post it! (Or just tell us about your company.)

.:. Offer a Local Search software solution? Tell us about it.

.:. Want to turn our members onto your blog OR a great post you wrote?
Feel free to tell us about it and share the link. (This is the only time link drops are allowed.)

.:. Want more followers or need more likes on a particular post? Just ask!

.:. Webinar, Hangout or other event coming up? Let our members know!

.:. Did your company just win an award or hit a milestone? Share the news!

.:. Hiring? Have an open position? Some great pros are here!

.:. You get a full page ad. Use it! Add images and/or links. (Links are no follow.)

Lean more & get a feel for the type of posts other members made by reading the launch thread:
FREE Promo Friday at the Forum. That thread is closed. The promo thread is only open for new posts on Friday and closes on Saturday. (But people can read your promo forever!)

Be sure to read the REQUIREMENTS in that thread (or the new one tomorrow), before you post.

Q & A

WHY? I want to reward loyal members by hopefully helping some of you get new business. Plus want to facilitate networking among members of our community.

WHEN? I'll start a new promo thread Friday at 7 AM PST.

If I already posted a promo last Friday, can I do one again this Friday?
Yep! Tomorrow and every Friday! (The limit is just one post per Friday thread per company.)

OTHER QUESTIONS? Ask away below?

LOVE it - or HATE it??? Let me know below! I have very limited use of my hands, so have to carefully choose where to put my energy. As long as you guys LOVE and appreciate the idea, I'll keep it going!

So get ready to post tomorrow and every Friday!

Look forward to seeing what you have to share in the MEMBER SPOTLIGHT at 7 AM PST tomorrow