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    Organic Ranking Higher Than Local - Help!

    Hey Guys

    I just can't seem to make progress with the local SEO ranking of my site and I am now ranking higher for the organic phrase than in the local finder!

    I think the problem is citations and the fact that 3 months ago we changed address... I have cleaned up the NAP everywhere I can though - is it just a question of time?

    At this point I'd be interested in an SEO audit/review of what we're doing as I think I'm missing something big. Or maybe it's just a waiting game.

    I'd rather not post the site here, so PM me if you'd be interested in taking a look and, if necessary, I will happily pay for something too...

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    Re: Organic Ranking Higher Than Local - Help!

    Hey Mich,

    Want to PM me the address? I'd encourage you to post it publicly so the advice will make more sense to others viewing it

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