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    Local Schema Mark Up for Multi-Locations Questions

    Hi guys, I wasn't sure where to ask this question. But Organic SEO seemed like the logical place.

    I've implemented Local Schema mark up for a couple of clients.
    I used Google Tag Manager to do this.
    The information I marked up was in their site wide footer.

    They have 3 addresses in their footer, but they also have a couple of location specific pages too.

    Is it okay to mark up everything in the footer and apply to ALL PAGES in Google Tag Manager?

    Or should I only be marking up their specific location pages?

    I've read loads of articles on this and keep finding a lot of unclear on contradictory information as soon as there is more than 1 business address.

    Please tell me how I should be handling this.

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    Re: Local Schema Mark Up for Multi-Locations Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by AMBS View Post
    Hi guys, I wasn't sure where to ask this question. But Organic SEO seemed like the logical place.
    Hi AMBS, thanks for asking a great Q.

    Often there is more that one place a post fits. Lots know about schema and those Qs should be in organic, you are right. But I think multi-location is the crux of the matter so I moved to that forum and added that word to title, because it requires more specific knowledge from those that have been there/done that.

    Here in this multi-location forum you'll find some answers. There are a couple posts that directly answer I'll try to dig up after a hand break.

    In meantime anyone else want to chime in?
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Local Schema Mark Up for Multi-Locations Questions

    Hi AMBS,

    Linda will definitely be able to pull together more comprehensive stuff than this, but this thread from a month ago might be a good place to start.

    Miriam has some great stuff there, both in the original article I linked to at the top of the thread, and in her response down below.

    The basic tl;dr... I personally like to keep everything separate for the most part, unless there's really strong usability reasons to have all locations on some (or all) of the pages. Regardless of my own preferences though, I haven't heard anyone comment about running into issues with the current version of the Google local algorithm from having more than one location's NAP on a given page. Sounds like at this point, it's kind of optional.

    I don't have any proof that this helps with rankings, but when it comes to individual location landing pages that are only about one of the locations, I'd only use the schema for that one location just to avoid diluting the signal you're giving Google about what that page is actually about. Since you're presumably linking the GMB profile to those individual facility landing pages, having really clear signals on those specific pages is pretty important in my view.

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    Re: Local Schema Mark Up for Multi-Locations Questions

    I use JSON-LD for all my multi locations. Each location should have the below
    1. Own Locations Page
    2. Own JSON-LD script
    3. NAP
    4. BIO
    5. Map
    6. Call to Action
    7. Make sure u have call tracking, conversion tracking setup us GA.

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