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    Ch ch ch changes - A quick look at GMB updates for April 2016

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    Gosh where is the year going? May already and a third of the year done!

    Since it is the start of the month I thought it might be worth taking a quick look at the Google My Business features that rolled out in April since it was the most update-rich month in quite a while.

    Set special hours from your card view.
    Ok, this might not sound like such a big deal since we’ve been able to set special hours via the list view for quite a while now - November 2015 to be exact.

    But for businesses with less than 10 locations under management, the ability to quickly and easily set special hours by selecting ‘Manage Location’ from the card view is a god-send.

    Mark listings as permanently closed and reopen them
    on the Google My Business mobile app.
    The ability to mark your own listings closed / open in the desktop version of GMB rolled out in December 2015 and certainly made life a lot easier for business owners and Local SEO practitioners alike.

    And in April 2016 the GMB mobile app received the same ability making it much easier to close / re-open businesses during those micro-moments when you’re not doing anything else

    Set special hours for your listings
    on the Google My Business mobile app.
    In a similar vein to the above changes, this one is really designed for the single location business owner or micro agency since it is a bit of a pain to be tapping out a set of special hours on the mobile app, business by business.

    However, it is handy to know that should you be away from your desktop when you get that urgent call to add a set of special hours, that you can do so immediately.

    And now for 2 changes to businesses with 10+ locations.
    I personally don’t deal with businesses of this scale so I’m just going to list the two updates. I’d be interested in hearing what multi-location practitioners think of the updates.

    • Enable listings for download with a new, easy-to-use process.
    • Enter latitude and longitude via spreadsheet when creating locations so you don't have to drag a map marker.

    If you’d like to see the full list of past GMB updates they’re all available here:

    I highly recommend bookmarking the page and checking it on a regular basis to see what updates might have slipped in without you noticing.

    So what do you think? Good, bad, indifferent to the updates? Have they made much change to the way you do business?
    Priya Chandra
    Consulting, training, troubleshooting - Local Search, with an Australian flavour
    Proud to be a Google Top Contributor - Google and Your Business Help Forum
    Find me here:
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    Re: Ch ch ch changes - A quick look at GMB updates for April 2016

    Have a hard time keeping up with all the GMB changes? You are not alone!

    That's why Priya Chandra, one of our new featured authors, penned this post - to be sure you stay in the know!

    Did you miss any of these updates?

    Were there any others that weren't mentioned above?
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Ch ch ch changes - A quick look at GMB updates for April 2016

    I somehow hadn't seen that change log from Google before, thanks for the share Priya! And yeah, things have definitely been changing a lot lately. Add in the adwords changes and a few bug events and last month was a busy one.
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