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    Snack Pack Showing Letter Ranking A, B, C

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone seen this test recently? Haven't been able to replicate it since I grabbed the screenshot.

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    Re: Snack Pack Showing Letter Ranking A, B, C

    I've heard a 3-pack like that called a branded search before. Do a search for any chain (starbucks, mcdonalds) and you'll see a similar style 3-pack. One with letters instead of numbers, and with no reviews showing. Last February there was kind of a shake-up where it was noticed that there was more of that branded style 3-pack showing for a wider variety of searches, many of them general, and not company specific. I haven't seen much of it lately, at least with the searches I keep an eye on, but they still pop up sometimes.

    Here's a thread about it if you'd like to know more.

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    Re: Snack Pack Showing Letter Ranking A, B, C

    What James said! Great minds...

    Thanks James!
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    Re: Snack Pack Showing Letter Ranking A, B, C

    I just searched and saw the same thing as you Blake. I often see branded packs showing for non-branded keywords.

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