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    Moz Content Tool and Building Non-Niche Links

    Was reading the latest article on Moz and the writer David Farkas, suggested using a Moz tool for finding content. Kinda nifty tool, reminds me of Ahref's content explorer. Anyone have a comparison between these tools of which one you prefer?

    The whole article was based on getting local back links, and writing content that wasn't relative to the niche the business is in. Now I know local seo is a slightly different animal than global seo, but do you think it's an effective or wise long term strategy to keep finding and one up-ing what one commenter called "linkbait content"? I know the comment section was lively with debate.

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    Now me personally I look at it as a moderation thing, some local link signals from local blogs and sites is a good thing, anyone else approve of or use this strategy? I did like the author's retort on creating the 100th guide to flossing your teeth is adding little value.

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    Re: Moz Content Tool and Building Non-Niche Links

    I just read that post. My impression was that it's a self-promoted article for Moz Content Tool. When in doubt, I ask myself if a strategy is good for users or machines.

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