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    Any Benefit to Being Listed on Custom Maps?

    We are looking at product websites where vendors can be listed (we sell their products, usually this is "where to buy" section etc).

    Wondering if Google will care much. Most of these sites use some kind of a custom google map, however, you usually (or sometimes) have to enter a zip code for it to render any listings. Regardless, it seems Google wouldn't likely see or use anything here as a ranking factor, but that's mostly just because it seems like it can be gamed and I think that would be a high expectation for the algorithm's complexity in 2016. That's more like a 2020 thing Im guessing?


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    Re: Any Benefit to Being Listed on Custom Maps?

    Hi Mark,

    A few years ago some said there was a boost with MyMaps. (Think that's what they were called then.)

    But you're right - too easy to game. Some SMBs were outsourcing 1000 MyMaps to India or whatever. So they stopped having ranking value. (If they ever did have much.)

    There is no one thing you can do these days that really moves the needle much. It's a matter of having several ranking factors set up better than others.

    So just ask "is it relevant and good for users?" If so, then do it.
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    Re: Any Benefit to Being Listed on Custom Maps?

    Hi Mark

    I agree with Linda, if it adds value to the user.

    Working with a client, we produced an article that covered all of the BBC antique roadshow filming locations for 2016 ( very popular "antique" TV show in UK )

    Name:  bbc antiques roadshow 2016   Google Search.jpg
Views: 81
Size:  88.0 KB

    The Map also takes up a place in the SERP, so one less for competitor, but they provide their own value to the user and site.

    Name:  2016 Antiques Roadshow Venues.jpg
Views: 54
Size:  99.9 KB

    So, if they make sense to the user and article / page, then go for it.

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