Today on the #AdviceLocal blog our Director of Strategic Initiatives, Lissa Duty, explores the rumors going around about the changes local search marketers are seeing in Google Maps.

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She starts out the article by saying...

Itís official again Ö or is it unofficial since Google isnít talking about it yet? Google is making more changes and this time to Maps. In the last few days, local search marketers have been reporting that Maps is changing, and what used to provide options of local businesses 3 and 4 pages deep is dropping down to 2 pages.

Linda Buquet of Local Search Forum commented on the topic in a forum discussion with this statement:

ďConspiracy theory: Only 8Ė10 results now. The ones that donít make it need to pay to play in some new revenue model. (Not saying that will happen. Just a thought.)Ē

The proximity of what shows in the search is even more local-focused than in the past, and the location of the searcher also greatly affect the results, from what I am seeing.

In talking about this change with Bill Hartzer, SVP of Agency Services at Advice, he stated:

ďOne reason this change is a big deal is because Google makes about 500 updates a year for organic, but we donít hear about a lot of updates for rankings on Maps.Ē

What Do You Think About This Google Maps Change?

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