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    Google asking opinions in search results

    I don't know if this is the right category for the forum, so please move as needed. It's not directly affecting LOCAL search, but rather ALL search (for me).

    Doing searches this morning, I'm getting a popup every other search asking me how my search experience is going.

    I don't recall getting a popup survey from Google before (EVER), but it's nice to know they care about my recent searches today.

    Incidently, this popup is showing in conjunction with NO ADS on the page ( http://www.localsearchforum.com/goog...to-google.html ), so I wonder if they're asking me about my search experience overall, or the fact that there's no ads on the screen

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    Nice to know they care about me either way
    Conor Treacy
    Big Red SEO - Omaha, NE

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    Re: Google asking opinions in search results

    I've seen that before too. I was curious how old it is, looks like that survey first started appearing in people's search results around 2012.

    Someone else might know more about it, but it's definitely interesting to see all the ways Google gathers information from it's users. Course, just directly asking people what they're looking for always makes me think of this. "Why don't you just tell me which websites you're looking for?"

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