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    Arrow Be True to Your Source of Truth - Local SEO Guide

    This post brought to you by Local SEO Guide

    Anybody that works with Local SEO at scale, and even those that don’t, has experienced the pain of having to wrangle True pieces of NAP information for dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of locations. Clients usually hate checking this, and trust me, I get it. It’s really hard to be able to break data discrepancies […]

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    Re: Be True to Your Source of Truth - Local SEO Guide

    I am commenting here to implore you all to check this out. Could be the funniest thing that has happened to a client in a while. Although the client wasn't exactly laughing about it...

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    Re: Be True to Your Source of Truth - Local SEO Guide

    So true Andrew! Getting correct data from clients is like pulling teeth.

    I don't know how you guys handle it with big enterprise clients. I'd be a basket case!
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    Re: Be True to Your Source of Truth - Local SEO Guide

    Yeah, I had a client recently that had his wife's cell number on the form instead of the business number. They were okay with the fact that it could mean delays, but definitely underlines the importance of triple checking. Haha, I loved that episode of Seinfeld, I was thinking about it reading the article even before I scrolled down and saw it embedded there. I doubt the employee in question though was so helpful to would-be customers.

    Man, y'all are really killing it with the blogging lately, I need to get off my butt and do some more regular writing too. As always, thanks for sharing stories from the trenches!

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