Hi Everyone,

One of my clients gets a lot of in-store customers that are more than happy to leave a Google review.

However, it is tough for the employees to instruct customers in the store how to leave a google review and the steps required.

To make it simple, I decided to setup a new domain name (ie. reviewourstore.com) which 301 redirects the user instantly to Google search page of the business where the Google rating/review box automatically pops up and is pre-loaded with 5-stars.

That way the employees can tell the customer, oh just take your phone out and go to "reviewourstore.com" and the customer is redirected to precisely where they need to be in Google to leave the review.

My question is... is this acceptable to Google? I mean, it's really no different than having a link on your website to leave a Google review (which from what I understand is acceptable).

Am I putting them at risk of penalization?

Thanks for any insights or advice.