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    Using mapmaker to remove business name spam. Does a DBA make it OK?

    What's your opinion on recommending our clients register a DBA (doing business as) alternative business name in order to have a more descriptive name in a GMB profile?

    Google's guidelines say to:
    Represent your business as itís consistently represented and recognized in the real world across signage, stationery, and other branding.
    It seems to me that for instance a lawyer called John Smith, Attorney at Law could register a DBA to be called John Smith Injury Attorney. So long as they are consistent with their website branding, office sign and update their NAP to match, wouldn't they be in compliance with guidelines?

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    Re: Using mapmaker to remove business name spam. Does a DBA make it OK?

    Yep. If they update all their building signs, website, and change their official name on the business license they would be fine.

    It might have some non-SEO-related branding consequences though.

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