Facebook Reviews: An Underrated Gold Mine for Social Proof

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Facebook Reviews: An Underrated Gold Mine for Social Proof

Over the last few years, Facebook has established review pages for local business. Slowly but surely, the Facebook online review system has gained more credibility, with more than 68% of consumers using social networking sites to read online reviews. Frankly, Facebook reviews have a number of benefits that most local businesses are missing out on.

Clearly, ‘online reviews’ might as well be called digital word-of-mouth. In spirit and in practice, the power of the online review is its ability to inspire faith in a local business.

The real question becomes: how do you actually get people to leave Facebook reviews? After all, local business owners have a tough enough time getting people to leave any kind of online review as it is!

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Discussion: Where do Facebook reviews fit in your client's digital strategy? Are Facebook reviews as valuable as Google or Yelp reviews yet?