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    Yext Launches the Location Cloud Platform for Businesses

    New Developer Platform puts an end to managing location data in spreadsheets and turns it into knowledge for the intelligent era of technology.

    Yext announced today the launch of the Yext Location Cloud Platform, which gives businesses centralized control of their location data across their organizations.

    “We've worked with a lot of our customers individually, helping integrate the Location Cloud into their organization’s infrastructure — connecting to call center software, marketing systems, POS systems, and analytics systems,” said Howard Lerman, Yext Co-Founder & CEO. “The result is this incredibly flexible platform. We decided to bundle all of this innovation and offer it as a standalone product. Now companies will be able to manage their location data internally, just as they do with their CRMs and employee data.”

    “Location data touches all parts of an organization, but typically, each department has their own system of management — leading to duplicate and often contradictory information within the company,” said Marc Ferrentino, Yext Chief Strategy Officer. “From changes in office hours to warehouse opening and closings, and from localized email sends to support line call-routing — businesses need a centralized way manage their location data.”

    Announcing the Yext Location Cloud Platform

    The Yext Location Cloud Platform enables developers across all industries to leverage location data in new ways that deliver operational excellence. The Platform provides access to:

    • New Open APIs, including our Yext Location Cloud API and Live API.
    • Developer Console for managing integrated apps.
    • Developer Portal with documentation, guides, libraries, FAQs, and other resources including sandbox instances.
    • Developers can also create Developer Accounts to use while learning about Yext APIs, and for testing integrations before turning them on in production.
    • Geocoding gives businesses precise control over where their location pins get placed on maps.
    • Custom Fields enable businesses to publish information specific to their business models, such as open status, appointment type, and square footage.
    • Smart Address Formats automatically adjust to support 78 unique country address standards.
    • A customizable Local User Portal lets businesses empower local managers to update information about their locations.

    The Yext Location Cloud Platform can already be used to:

    • Bolster customer support systems that route location-specific reviews to the right representatives, enable them to respond to those reviews through support software, and power location review requests after tickets are closed.
    • Enable localized social engagement efforts by adding location reviews to social feeds and supporting review response from existing social platforms.
    • Enhance smart CRM by incorporating location reviews into customer history and creating contacts when new customers leave location reviews.
    • Enhance marketing emails with location-specific content and automated review requests.
    • Empower smarter POS systems and cash registers that add location-specific information to receipts, including review links and store hours.

    Read more on Yext's blog.
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    Jessica Fenerlis
    Social Media Specialist | Yext
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    Re: Yext Launches the Location Cloud Platform for Businesses

    More exciting innovations from Yext. You guys are really pioneers!

    Thanks for letting our members know Jessica!
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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