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    Ste vs. Suite vs. #

    I have two businesses at one address and so my assumption was to use a Suite number/letter to make the address unique.

    When the Google My Business Card showed up in the mail, it changed Suite to Ste. Obviously they are using the shorter USPS abbreviation. My dilemma is I can not count on all listing services to abbreviate Suite or control how they actually list it out.

    I have heard instead to use the # sign for Suite number.

    For example #A for Suite A

    I have also heard that you should put the address on one line rather than 2 because some listing services omit the 2nd line.

    Sort of Frustrating

    So here is how I think I should now list addresses with multiple businesses at the same location.

    Business 1
    100 Example Lane
    Austin, Texas 78703

    Business 2
    100 Example Lane, #A
    Austin, Texas 78703

    Business 3 and so on
    100 Example Lane, #B
    Austin, Texas 78703

    What are your thoughts?

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    Re: Ste vs. Suite vs. #

    It doesn't matter. No matter how you enter it in the dash, directories will format it however they want. See the below thread.

    # vs Suite vs STE
    Scott Rawlins - Find Local Company in Atlanta GA
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    Re: Ste vs. Suite vs. #

    In addition to the great resource that Scott pointed out, check out this nifty article from Whitespark on what types of data Google normalizes
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